As we all know, our Union membership is not where it should be. We have heard all the excuses from I cannot afford it to I get all the benefits and don’t have to pay dues. Well, those benefits are not free! Our brothers and sisters have fought hard for many years and made many sacrifices to get what we have today. We can’t afford not to have a Union!

Every Union member on the shop floor needs to take this seriously. I have heard too many times, What is the Union doing for me? Well Brothers and Sisters, you and I are the Union. We really need to step back and ask ourselves, What are we doing for our Union? We need to band together, organize and take the shop floor back. The company is trying to push us around every chance they get. Stand up to them and push back! Strength is in numbers. We need to grow our membership so that we may put up a united front and stand strong to hold on to everything we have gained. Fight the company head on while they try to strip us of our rights, our benefits, and our jobs!

I challenge every Union member to work their shop floor, educate and get the nonmembers on board so that we may have a stronger voice and build a better future for the working class. Every member is a key role in our Union. Let’s get them signed up and start moving forward!

In Solidarity
Urbano Rivera