Questions of a Political Nature

These questions are not to test or judge, but should be used to promote thought and educate.
How many can you answer?

How Do I Personally Contact My Elected Representatives To Make My Voice Heard?
How Has My U.S. Representative Voted On Bills & Issues?
How Can I Tell Truth From Lies Regarding Statements Politicians’ Make?
How Do I Register To Vote?
How Do I Know If I Am Already Registered To Vote?
What Are My State’s Voter Laws & Registration Deadlines?
Where Do I Go To Vote?
What Times Do Polling Places Open & Close?
What Identification Must I Bring With Me When I Vote?
How Do I Vote Absentee
How Do I Find My State’s Election Office?
What District Do I Live In?
What Is The Difference Between A Primary, Caucus and Convention?
If I Want To Vote in a Primary, When Do I Have To Be Registered?
If I Want To Vote in a Primary, Do I Have To Register With A Political Party First?
How Can I Make A Difference?
What’s My Political Ideology? I.e. liberal, conservative, independent, libertarian or other ideology
Why are federal elections held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November?
What is the order of succession should the President die, become incapacitated, or is otherwise unable to finish his term of office?